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Personal Budgets

If your child qualifies for an education, health and care plan, you can decide whether you want a personal budget to manage the support your child gets.

What is a personal budget?

A personal budget is an amount of money given to you and your child to support their needs.

Personal Budgets are designed to give children, young people and their families more choice, control, flexibility and independence.

How personal budgets work

Planning your budget

You can choose to have a personal budget when your child is assessed for an education, health and care plan.

A person of your choice will then work alongside your child and the family to outline how you will use the personal budget and what other support is needed.

Alternatively you could write a support plan yourself or work with a support brokerage organisation. We have a list of approved providers you can choose from.

Managing your budget

There are three options for you to decide how you manage your personal budget:

  • Payments are paid directly into your bank account, known as Direct Payments, and you buy the services and equipment that have been agreed
  • A third party, such as a family member or organisation holds the budget for you and either you or they can arrange your care
  • The council or NHS hold your budget, and continue to pay for and arrange the services for you.

You may decide to combine two or three of the options.

What you can use a personal budget for

You can use the personal budget to pay for services identified as a need in your child’s care plan.

These can include:

  • carers or personal assistants to work in the home
  • petrol or costs to travel from home to school or college
  • activities which help you or your child to be more active in the community
  • aids, adaptations and equipment to help you to manage day-to-day tasks.

You must not use the personal budget to pay for day to day household expenses, alcohol or tobacco.

Having a personal budget will not affect any other benefits that your child or family receive.

More information

For more information about personal budgets talk to:

  • your education, health and care plan co-ordinator on 020 8430 2000
  • your lead social worker on 020 3373 6643; or
  • the NHS on 020 3688 1000 or email