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Newham Educational Psychologists (EPs) are employed by The Local Authority to provide professional advice on children’s special educational needs, between the ages of 0-25.  The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) work with children and young people (CYP), school staff, parents and other organisations to support the CYP in overcoming individual and systemic barriers to their progress and development. The aim is help CYP achieve positive outcomes in areas such as learning and cognition, social and emotional development, behaviour and mental health.  Practice is informed by a wide range of psychological and pedagogical theories, principles and research and this rooted in our consultation based approach.

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Children are usually referred by schools who have a service level agreement with the Educational Psychology Service. Some children are referred through the statutory process when they have been put forward for Education and Health Care Needs Assessments.

Referrals are not taken directly from the public. If you are worried about a child’s learning, behaviour or emotional development and would like to speak to an Educational Psychologist you should ask at your child's school or nursery to speak to the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo).

Before a referral is made the SENCo will discuss the concerns with the parent or carer. The SENCo will then make a referral for consultation with an Educational Psychologist if they are concerned about a child in question. Following this the parent/carer will be invited to a consultation meeting with the Educational Psychologist along with a school representative(s) and if necessary, representatives from other support services. Written permission from the parent/carer will be required before the referral is made.

Following the consultation it may be necessary for the Educational Psychologist to:

  • Observe the child in at least one setting, primarily in school or at home
  • Carry out individual work with the child
  • Report a summary of the assessment, comment on the child’s strengths and needs, help the school to implement a course of action e.g. through recommendations
  • Review the child’s progress with the school, parents /carers

Parents/carers can contact the Educational Psychologist at any time during this process.

Educational Psychology Service also provides

Critical Incident Support

Educational psychologists are also occasionally called on to support schools following tragic or trauma events. The EPS can support settings in the days and weeks following an incident in a number of ways, including: supporting schools to produce a response plan; individual and group support for those effected and assessment for individual and groups support needs.

Reflective supervision

An opportunity to reflect with an EP on processes and outcomes; facilitated one-to-one or within the supportive forum of a small group of school staff making up a reflective team. A space to think, clarify problems, and establish clearer meaning. An opportunity to identify solutions or set personal goals. A chance to recognise and to celebrate abilities, strengths and successes space to think, clarify problems, and establish clearer meaning. An opportunity to identify solutions or set goals.


Coaching enables the participant to gain another perspective on problem solving and to work collaboratively to develop the range, flexibility and effectiveness of their interaction skills within the workplace. Different approaches can be used including cognitive coaching.

Staff Drop-In Consultations

EPs have carried out sessions of ‘drop in consultations’ for school staff and parents. The purpose of the consultation is to carry out solution focused and collaborative problem solving to help move a situation forward.

Staff Development/INSET/Training

Bespoke packages can be delivered on a range of topics such reflective practice, trauma informed approaches, attachment, emotion coaching, ELSA, understanding and supporting CYP with learning difficulties, Understanding and working with CYP with Autism, understanding and applying concepts of child development, working with young people at risk of criminal exploitation, working with children and young people with social, emotional and mental health difficulties

Training/coaching to support mental health leads/champions

Support for Organisational Development

Using various approaches e.g. soft systems methodology to support schools in making organisational change and developing systems to support children and young people with special educational needs

Research and Evaluation

EPs have research experience which can be utilised to audit aspects of school experiences and practice which then informs staff and policy development.

Useful Resources
Parent Advice Drop-In Service

The EPS Parent Advice sessions are offered to any Newham parent or carer who would like to discuss concerns about their child with an educational psychologist (examples may include: your child’s emotional well-being, challenging behaviours, learning progress, your relationship with your child or some of your own worries). The sessions aim to be supportive, confidential, and informal. Each session is 50 minutes.

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Kids' Corner

Kids' Corner is an exciting new initiative bought to you by Newham EPS, launching early 2024.  

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