Parent Carers

Who is a parent carer?

Parent carers are adults (over 18) who provide care to a disabled child for whom they have parental responsibility.

What are my rights to assessment and support?

The Children and Families Act 2014 gives Parent Carers a stronger rights to an assessment of their needs. The Act requires local councils to assess parent carers on the appearance of need or where an assessment is requested by the parent. This is called a parent carers needs assessment. The assessment considers all the help that your disabled child needs, the needs of any other children in the family and the help that you may need to care for the disabled child.

The parent carers needs assessment must asses/consider:

  • whether a parent carer has needs for support and what those needs are
  • whether it is appropriate for the parent to provide, or continue to provide, care for the disabled child, in the light of the parent's needs for support, other needs and wishes
  • the well being of the parent carer
  • the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of the child cared for, and any other child for whom the parent carer has parental responsibility

If you would like to have a parent carers needs assessment, then please ask your Social Worker (if you already have an assigned Social Worker), or make a request through Triage (please note that you have to register an account to make a Triage referral). 

Last updated: 02/04/2019

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