Specialist health visitors for children with SEND

What services do we provide?

The specialist health visiting team for children with SEND provides targeted, timely, intensive and coordinated support to children with complex developmental needs and their families. Our support is focused on children aged 0-5 with additional needs. We provide the healthy child program and enhanced early intervention programs in line with current evidence. 

Our principles for supporting your child and family 

  • Honesty – we communicate openly and are transparent with families  
  • Equality- Inclusion is our top priority; therefore, we work in partnership with the child and their family in providing personalised specialist interventions.  
  • Ambition- Your child`s progress and your satisfaction is our measurement for success. We empower the parents to adapt, self-manage, and ensure that all children achieve the best outcomes. 
  • Respect- we treat people with courtesy, compassion and we respect cultural values. We promote service and community integration. 
  • Togetherness- We work collaboratively with the parent/carer and other health care professionals and agencies. Children and families are expert partners in the child`s care, therefore their views and concerns inform the pathways for support. 
How to access our services

The specialist health visiting team is co-located with other multi-disciplinary teams within the Child Development Service at West Ham Lane Health Centre.  

Children and families can access the specialist health visiting service via a referral process from other health visitors or other professionals.  

For individual enquiries or to book yourself onto our parent support groups, please contact the specialist health visitors via 020 3373 9983

Child, parent/carer and family testimonials

Please see the video below to see some of the work that the specialist health visitors have provided to children and families in Newham.

Referral criteria

We accept referrals into the service of; 

  • Antenatal diagnosis of a complex genetic conditions e.g. Down’s syndrome, spinal bifida etc. 
  • Babies born with Down’s syndrome or genetic conditions, cerebral palsy and complex developmental needs. 
  • A child with delays requiring the involvement of three or more therapists within the specialist children and young people’s service. 
  • Pre-school or school aged children up to the age of five, who are attending for multi-disciplinary team (MDT) or received diagnosis for autism
Help for your child

We work in partnership with families to support and empower them to meet the challenges presented by a child with additional needs.   

We offer: 

  • Specialist developmental assessments and interventions for your child 
  • Pre and post diagnostic support for your child and family 
  • Support to access early education including EHCP (Education and health care plan) and medical health care plan. 
  • Toilet training support 
  • Sleep support 
  • Feeding support 
  • Behaviour management. 
Help for parents and carers

We provide guidance and support to the parents/carers as they navigate through the system. We act as a point of contact to parents and professionals working with children who have additional needs 

We offer: 

  • Specialist Advisory intervention groups 
  • Emotional and wellbeing support 
  • Parent and carer support groups   
  • Advocacy 
  • Leadership and coordination of team around the child meetings. 
Help for your family

We work in partnership with other professionals from health, social care and education to ensure that care is individualised, targeted and provided in a timely coordinated manner. We provide information about services and benefits available both locally and nationally.  

Useful resources to support you and your child at home:


Last updated: 20/11/2023

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