Family Nurse Partnership

Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a licensed intensive home visiting programme with more than 35 years of evidence base. The FNP programme is for first-time young mothers who are 24 or under at their last menstrual period (LMP) and their families. We start working with mothers before 28 weeks pregnant by visiting them every one/two weeks until their child is two years old, to support them to: 

  • Have a healthy pregnancy 
  • Build positive relationships with your baby and others 
  • Make lifestyle choices that give you and your child the best possible start in life 
  • Improve their child's health and development 
  • Identify and achieve your goals such as finding a job or returning to education. 

The Family Nurse Partnership is voluntary and if accepted, the programme will continue until their child’s first birthday, with the possibility of continuing until the child is two years old. 

The FNP team was established in Newham in 2013 and the team consists of registered nurses, midwives and health visitors who have undergone a year of specialist training to become family nurses.  

We work closely with midwives to support our clients during their pregnancy and with other agencies to support them and their child throughout the course of the programme. 

Our eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria in Newham is as follows: 

  • First pregnancy (must be recruited on the FNP programme before 28 weeks gestation) 
  • Living within Newham 
  • Pregnant women aged 19 years and under at last LMP 
  • Pregnant women aged 20-24 years who have at least one of the following vulnerabilities; 
    • Current or history of domestic abuse 
    • Current or history of mental health problems 
    • Current or history of substance misuse 
    • Homelessness 
    • Concerns around isolation 
    • Social care involvement 
    • Looked After Child (LAC) or leaving care 
    • Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)/ Trafficking  
    • Learning needs 
    • Other vulnerabilities will be considered. 
How to be allocated with a Family Nurse

We accept notifications from any agency working with a client. This can be sent to the FNP team by completing the below notification form:

Family Nurse Partnership Notification Form (PDF)

We also welcome self-referrals from clients meeting the eligibility criteria, and they can make contact with the FNP team on the details below. 

Contacting the FNP team

Please make contact with the FNP team if you have any questions.

Telephone: 020 3373 9983 Ext: 4


Last updated: 04/12/2023

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