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Parental Relationship Support

Arguments are common in all kinds of relationships. It is healthy to argue, as long as both people are able to express their feelings in a way that resolves issues, rather than keeping everything inside and letting issues build up. If you are regularly having disagreements that are not resolved, these can lead to more intense arguments which can cause parental conflict and lead to family breakdown, which can have a negative impact on your child/children.

Arguments or ‘rows’ are present in all relationships and can be a positive means of expressing feelings in a way that resolves issues or presenting difficulties. Open communication is desired to allow each party to express their thoughts and feelings and to work towards a mutually agreeable solution. Problems arises if disagreements continue to happen on a regular basis without being resolved that can lead to family discord, conflict and breakdown within the family unit.

FREE One Plus One Digital Resources for Parents 

Newham parents are now able to access three interactive online courses for free. To gain access to these, please go to Select Newham from the London map and then follow the online registration process. Once registered, you will be able to access the three online resources below. Please note that these resources do not work with Internet Explorer but work fine with all other browsers.

 1.     Me, You and Baby Too

Becoming parents can change your relationship. Tiredness and stress associated with parenthood can lead to you and your partner misunderstanding each other. This online course, available for free to parents in Newham can help you improve communication skills and manage conflict better. Me, You and Baby Too is packed with videos and animations to help couples navigate the transition to parenthood.

Click here for brochure Me, You & Baby Too

2.     Arguing Better

If you want to understand the impact of parental arguments on children, try this Arguing Better online course.

Click here for brochure Arguing Better

3.     Getting it Right for Children

When parents separate, it’s easy for children to get caught in the middle of their disagreements. Getting it Right for Children is a free online course for parents in Newham designed to help them parent co-operatively after parting.

Click here for brochure Get It Right For Children

Last updated: 17/11/2022

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