Occupational Therapy and DCPYS

The DCPYS team work closely with Occupational Therapy, is for children and young people (aged 0-19 years) with long term physical conditions and disabilities which impact on their ability to manage independently at home, for example those who need housing adaptations or special equipment as a result of their physical difficulties. The Occupational Therapist (OT) will assess the child’s needs, and may carry out adaptations and if required provide any necessary equipment. As the child grows and their needs change this equipment may need to be reviewed, modified and replaced.

What Occupational Therapy Cover

  • Specialist equipment for bathing, seating, changing and dressing, sleeping
  • Equipment to help movement from one place to another and manual handling - hoists and slings
  • Adaptations to property such as ramp, through floor stair lifts, level access showers

What Occupational Therapy Do Not Cover

  • Short term needs due to hospital admissions - contact the hospital
  • Needs related to housing overcrowding issues – contact the housing department
  • Problems relating to the state of repair to a property
  • Therapies – This can be provided via referral by your GP to Newham CDC (Child Development Centre). You can access further information by clicking here.