COVID 19 Updates

Early Help Strengthening Families Offer (COVID-19)

Strengthening Families has been organised by Newham’s early help teams. It is about recognising that all families need a helping hand at times such as these and this helping hand should be as varied and as diverse as our families. Strengthening Families is steeped in our values of keeping people at the heart of what we do.

What forms part of the Strengthening Families Offer?

  • Family Relationship Matters – a trained Family Coach/Practitioners will work alongside parents to help reduce tension that culminate in arguments or ongoing disagreements whilst promoting more positive and healthy communication and ways of relating to one another.
  • Family Money Matters – Support for families that may be worrying about their household finances, housing situation and/or job losses. We will put in touch with organisations that will be able to offer support to help reduce these family stressors.
  • Parenting Befriending - A service for parents / carers of children and young people aged 0-16 year who need a space to talk and consider various coping mechanisms during this unprecedented time.
  • Your Time - a service aimed at supporting young people through the current COVID uncertainties and beyond by providing a regular weekly catch-up with a professionally trained and trusted adult who they can chat to about their interests.

Please speak to a professional or agency that is currently working with you about accessing this offer. You may already be working with an early help practitioner/coach, school, children’s centre, health professional or voluntary/community agency who can assist in completing a referral form on your behalf.

To see leaflet for more information, please click here.