Parenting Programmes

In partnership with schools, children’s centres and the community and voluntary sector, Newham offers a range of programmes, workshops and online resources for parents to access for free. A list of all available programmes are detailed below with a short description.

Newham is currently developing a parenting strategy with key services to improve our existing parenting offer of evidenced-based programmes, ensuring that there are parenting resources available across the age range from pregnancy right up to 18 years of age.

Our existing Parenting Facilitators have a significant wealth of experience in delivering parenting groups and one to one parenting interventions to support parents/carers in their important and critical role.

Please complete the online parenting referral form on this page. We accept both self-referrals and professional referrals. Once submitted, you will receive a response from the Parenting Team within 3 working days.

For any parenting enquiries, please contact

Triple P Group

For families with children aged 18 months to 12 years | Duration: 5 weeks

Five x 2 hour sessions 1 x 20 minute telephone consultation

Group Triple P supports parents of children aged 18months – 12 years. The programme looks at what positive parenting means , why children behave as they do, setting goals for themselves and their children ,keeping track and creating behaviour diaries, how to help children develop ,managing misbehavior planning ahead and using positive parenting.

Group Stepping Stones Triple P

For families with children aged 3 to 12 years | Duration: 8 weeks

Seven x 2 hour group sessions 1 x 30 minute telephone consultation

Stepping Stones Group Triple P Supports parents or care givers of children aged 18months – 12 years, with a range of additional needs (e.g. intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, and elevated levels of disruptive behaviour.

The programme looks at what positive parenting means, why children behave as they do, goal setting for parents for themselves and their children, keeping track and creating behaviour diaries, how to help children develop, teaching new skills and behaviour, and managing mild to moderate level challenging behaviors, managing misbehavior, planning ahead and using positive parenting.

EPEC ‘Being a Parent’ Autism Course

For families with children aged 5 and over with an Autism Diagnosis or awaiting one | Duration: 10 weeks 2.5 hours each week

This course helps parents to learn practical communication skills and develop their understanding of autism and how it can impact their family, with skills and strategies for nurturing relationships between the parent and child and wider family. The course provides an opportunity to help parents and children bond and connect with greater understanding of the impacts of autism on communication, emotions and behaviour for a child.

Early Positive Approaches to Support (E-PAtS)

For families with children aged 2 to 7 years | Duration: 9 weeks

E-PAtS is comprised of 8 group sessions with up to 12 parents. Each session is 2.5 hours and focus on supporting the emotional and wellbeing needs of caregivers, helping families to access the services they need and practical strategies to support children’s development and behaviour (including sleep, communication, behaviour problems, and everyday skills).

SCERTS® for Parents/Carers

Training for parents/carers of children who have social communication difficulties or a diagnosis of Autism, aged from Reception to Year 11. Duration: 4 sessions, weekly.

SCERTS® is a comprehensive intervention model for children and young people with a diagnosis of Autism or related social communication needs. Supported by trainers from the Language, Communication and Interaction Service (LCIS), parents/carers will learn more about their child’s communication and emotional regulation. They will be introduced to strategies to support their child’s communication skills and their ability to stay calm, focused and engaged.

Group Teen Triple P

For families with children aged 12 to 16 years | Duration: 7 weeks

Six 2 hour sessions 20 minute telephone consultation.

The programme looks at what positive parenting means, why children behave as they do, setting goals for parents and their children, keeping track and creating behaviour diaries, supporting appropriate behaviour, managing problem behaviour, dealing with risky behaviour, putting into place parenting routines .Putting forward positive, caring relationships and supporting parents to make helpful methods to stop behavioural, emotional and developmental problems.

Parenting becomes easier when parents understand that a child needs a home environment that guides and supports their teenager to become independent and well adjusted. Parents need to understand that the move into adolescents brings increasing demands for independence and responsibility in conjunction with sexual maturation and the challenges this brings including self-consciousness and puberty. Teens are expected to make more decisions for them and start to develop their own beliefs. Some risk taking is normal at this age and often short lived. This can be worrying for parents who need to monitor behaviour and take action when necessary. Finding ways to deal with conflict may also occur. Triple p works with the parents to improve parents understanding, skills and confidence to use methods to stop problem behaviour happening. The telephone consultation assists parents to refine the use of their parenting skills and to develop independent problem solving skills.


EPEC ‘Being a Parent’ Programme

For families with children aged 09 to 16 years | Duration: 9 weeks 2 hour each week

EPEC parenting courses are led by local parent facilitators who have completed accredited EPEC training and receive ongoing training, supervision and support from parenting specialists based in a local EPEC Hub. The Being a Parent course is where parents learn a range of positive parenting skills, better understand children’s feelings, value effective parent-child communication and build better, more resilient family relationships. All groups run during term time.

Barnardo’s DICE Parenting Programme

For families with children aged 10 to 17 years | Duration: Two hour four week programme

Practical advice for families of Teenagers and Pre teenagers

When you click on programme = Offers information and practical advice to families with pre-teens and teenagers around understanding the risks young people face in modern society.

Topics include:

  • The life of a teenager and how the teenage brain works
  • Exploitation and the grooming process
  • Digital dangers – social media and internet safety
  • Parenting Top tips and support services


For parents - Parents Against Child Exploitation (Pace) UK

Child sexual exploitation - NSPCC

Child exploitation: what you need to know - Parent Talk


Sharing nude or nearly nude images of themselves online

 Childline If a child has been sexting and something’s gone wrong,  advice to help

Contacting Childline on 0800 1111

Childline - ZIPIT APP - If someone's trying to get you to send nudes, use the Zipit app to keep the situation under control.

CEOP  THINKYOUKNOW What parent need to know about sexting

Safety on line

Safety on line Guide to apps, games and media sites

 Thinkuknow the Resource Library enables you to search and view Thinkuknow resources by category and age range. Each resource has a detailed description covering key aims and suggestions for delivery to children and young people.

 Child line

 Online Gaming/Online Pornography/Self-Harm/Suicidal feelings

 NSPCC Learning Online abuse / Setting up parental controls

 Stone wall  At Stonewall, we stand for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace (LGBTQ+) people everywhere. We imagine a world where all LGBTQ+ people are free to be themselves and we can live our lives to the full


The Freedom Programme

For families with children aged 10 to 17 years | Duration: 9 weeks

This 12-week programme will assist women who are victims/survivors of domestic violence. Its open to any women who wishes to learn more about the reality of domestic violence.
After completing the programme, you will be offered counselling if they feel you need extra emotional support. You will also be signposted to the Domestic Violence Organisation 'Hestia' and can be offered support around getting back into work through Newham Workplace.

Reducing Parental Conflict E-Learning Modules

Self-directed learning (Access Code is provided to the parent to complete the module in their own time)

Working in partnership with OnePlusOne organisation, parents/carers will have access to three online modules that will help them to understand how to communicate better and the impact of parental conflict on the child.

The modules are:

‘Me, You and Baby Too’ – For new and expectant parents
‘Arguing Better’ – Parents experiencing high levels of stress and couple conflict
‘Getting it Right for Children’ – For separating or separated parents experiencing high level of conflict’

Please complete the parenting referral form to access these resources.