Peer to Peer Parenting Services

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs we will ever have to do! So don’t do it alone.
Newham have a team of parents who are experienced in raising their own families and are trained and supported to be there for YOU!

EPEC (Empowering Parents, Empowering Communities) Offer

Designed by the NHS Centre for Parents and Children, the hub offers high-quality content; which is led by the Peer Parent Co-ordinator.

Unlike other parenting courses, the EPEC Hub trains local parents to deliver the courses themselves creating a peer-to-peer environment. The courses currently delivered by the Newham EPEC Hub include:

  • Being a Parent Standard
  • Being a Parent Autism
  • Baby & Us

Delivered for Parents by Parents: The courses help parents and carers learn practical communication skills for everyday life & bring up confident, happy and co-operative children.

BAP (Being A Parent) Courses


The Standard BAP Group is a weekly space for parents to come together and share experiences and learning, using tried and tested approaches that can help improve our communication with our children. Many parents have already benefited from this course, and we want to reach as many parents and carers as possible.


Please see the YouTube video below:

Being a Parent course aims to improve child development and outcomes, parenting, family resilience, and family relationships. The Being a Parent course creates a trusting group ethos, where parents are encouraged to explore different key areas in parenting with the support of strategies for parents to try at home each week.



Baby & Us

The Baby & Us Group is a weekly space for parents and carers with babies under 1 years old that supports families build positive relationships with their baby, with a focus on communication. It provides strategies of how to deal with the challenges of parenting a very young baby.

 You will leave this course feeling better able to:

  • Process the impact of the birth experience
  • Understand your baby's crying/sleeping/feeding cues and to feel more confident managing the practicalities of your baby's routine
  • Communicate with your baby
  • Develop friendships with other parents which are mutually supportive
BAP Autism

The BAP Autism Group is for parents and carers of children affected by Autism whether diagnosed or undiagnosed. 

BAP Autism is designed to:

  • Promote children’s development and skills
  • Reduce child and family difficulties
  • Improve parent confidence, skills and satisfaction
  • Improve social and community connectedness.

Parents will learn more about how:

  • Autism can affect your child and how you and your family are impacted
  • Everyday strategies and routines can influence development and manage effects of Autism on children
  • Ways to support behaviour, meeting children’s needs and reducing meltdowns
More information and how to sign up!

Why is EPEC BAP different?

The Being a Parent Course runs over 9 weeks (10 weeks for ASD) and is completely free. Local parents, who have completed the Facilitator training, co-deliver the Being a Parent course. They receive ongoing support and supervision from the team and Co-ordinator. Their experiences, backgrounds, skills, and qualities make each session inviting and engaging. 

Where and when is it?

We deliver every term in a variety of community settings such as local Schools (Primary and Secondary), libraries, community centres and we also deliver a virtual course.

How can I sign up? 

Parenting Referral Form - Referral type - Newham Online Forms (


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