Best Start in Life (BSiL) Children's Centres

Newham's Children's Centres offer a range of services to help give your child the best start in life. You can register for free if you are a Newham resident with a child under 5 (including if you're pregnant). You can register using the online ' Family Registration' form.

Childminders who live in Newham, or who look after a Newham child, can access children’s centre space to deliver their own childminder network sessions (please talk to your local children’s centre). Childminders can register by using the online Childminder Registration' form.

If you would like support from a Family Support Worker, you can make a self-referral online via our MASH portal (click here) or speak to your local children’s centre and ask them to complete a referral for you.  If you are a professional who would like to refer a family, please use the MASH referral form. If you’re a Newham Children’s Social Worker looking to stepdown a case, please contact Deborah Reid in the Early Help Hub for a case consultation.

What we offer

Local services

Each of our 8 Community Neighbourhoods has their own timetable for activities and copies of their timetables are available on the individual children’s centre websites, as well as in the links section of this page.

Children’s Centre websites

Access to childcare (nurseries and childminders)

If you want to know more about accessing early education and childcare (including free childcare for eligible two, three and four year olds), or want support finding childcare, please see (link to early education page).

Stay and play sessions (child development support)

Children learn and develop important skills through play. Stay and play sessions show you how you can support your child's learning at home. These sessions are open to everyone and you can also meet other local families.

Targeted stay and play sessions (child development support)

Some sessions support families around particular issues, including children with additional needs. Some of these sessions might be open to everyone and some might be by invitation/booking only.

Please see the timetable for your local children’s centre to find out what is available in your area.

If you have any worries about your child’s development, then you can talk to any of our Children's Centre staff. You can also talk to your Health Visitor, your GP or your child’s nursery/childminder.

Parenting and Family support

Our Family Support Workers help families to tackle issues having an impact on the family. This includes issues such as domestic violence, mental health, housing, and financial struggles.

We can also help build your parenting skills and confidence. You can talk to us about managing your child's behaviour, healthy eating, speech and language or anything else.

You can access a wide offer of parenting support programmes through Newham’s parenting team and the Early Help Hub– please see Parenting page.

Health and well-being support

Your local Health Visitors provide advice and support on a range of health issues. They can support you through pregnancy into the first years of your child's life. You can ask them about any health issues such as breastfeeding, weaning or speech delay.

Children's Centres will have sessions to help you with healthy eating, toileting, sleep routines and other issues. We also provide free Healthy Start vitamins for eligible families, and can support you to access the Healthy Start voucher scheme.

You can find more information on our Best Start for Life page. This page will include information and links on topics such:
Oral health
Healthy Start (free vitamins and food vouchers)

Useful Links and Contacts

Nutrition support for families - Nutrition for Parents - Early Start Group

Supporting baby’s speech and language -


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Last updated: 29/11/2022

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