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"Giving children and young people of Newham a voice"

Children’s Rights Service

Children looked after, care leavers, children and young people on child protection plans and young people ages 16/17 and are in need of accommodation, can access an advocate via the Children’s Rights Service. 

The advocate can support children and young people in ensuring that their views and feelings are heard in regard to decisions being made about their lives. The advocate can help make complaints, give information and advice about rights and speak up on behalf of children and young people at meetings, reviews, conferences and assessments.

What independent advocacy will do for the young person

Advocacy is a positive and helpful means of listening to children and young people, as the advocate promotes and upholds their rights.  The advocate respects the views of the child/young person and keeps them at the centre of everything they do for them - and will support them to be involved in decisions about their life.  An advocate always works within the young person’s wishes and feelings as opposed to their best interests.  This can sometimes prove to be difficult, as the advocate may have to challenge decisions made by the local authority.

Our Advocacy Values

  • Honesty– Every young person has to be involved in decisions being made about their lives; and so we always communicate openly and transparently with the young person so that they are supported to make fully informed decisions and have their voices heard. 
  • Equality - We proactively and consistently advocate for children and young people to be supported and treated fairly in all matters pertaining to their lives regardless of background, circumstance or any additional needs.  
  • Ambition – We aspire to inspire, involve and promote the voices of all children and young people, on whose behalf we support and advocate, to be heard and listened to. 
  • Respect– Advocacy is always led by the child/young person.  Hence, they have the say when a matter is started or stopped and their decisions are respected. The advocate would also help the child or young person to challenge discrimination. 
  • Together– Advocacy is a process of ongoing co-production and collaboration with the child/young person to achieve the outcomes that they are hoping for.


We do not have a static weekly schedule, and our timings are subject to change as we shape our service around the emerging and existing needs of young people in the area. 

During this period, we are completing 2 hr sessions, 4 times per week, including one weekend day. The current detached youth work sessions operate around the following times:

  • 2pm-4pm
  • 4pm-6pm
  • 5pm-7pm


Landline: 0203 373 1502   

Allison Ross-John - 07909906954 -     


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Last updated: 01/11/2022

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