There are a range of health and well being services available in Newham, some are universal; this means that they are available for everyone to access; examples of universal health services include GP, Health visitor and School Nursing. Other services are what are known as targeted or specialist services, these are targeted to meet specific needs; examples of these include the wheelchair service and therapy services.

Services will often cover a wide range of needs such as mental and emotional well being, emergency care, long term conditions and support you to live a healthier lifestyle, therefore protecting you from potential ill health.

A number of organisations deliver health and well being services in Newham, they include schools, GP's, Newham Hospital, East London Foundation Trust and Newham Council. Some voluntary organisations also provide health advice and deliver projects to raise awareness about health issues.

To access most universal health services, the child/young person will need to be either registered with a Newham GP or resident in the borough. Some services are provided through schools so can be accessed by young people attending a school in Newham. Certain services will also have entry criteria based on the level of health need.

If you have concerns or questions about your child’s health, you can talk to your doctor, health visitor or school nurse.

Newham Clinical Commissioning Group

Work in partnership with our community and local health stakeholders to understand local health needs in order to commission and support delivery of high quality services which meet the needs of our local population.

The CCG can also advise on how to complain about or compliment an NHS service

Healthwatch Newham

Healthwatch Newham is here to help local people get the best out of their health and social care services. Our vision is that Newham residents can contribute to the development of quality health and social care services in Newham.

Healthwatch Newham will run co-ordinate and support events, projects and activities. It will gather information and feedback from patients and service-users


Delivers mental health and community health care services in Newham and elsewhere.