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SEND and swimming lessons: a guide for parents and carers

Newham Summer Holiday Programme 2022

Work Experience Opportunities

Inclusive Youth Dance

SEND Inspection

Ofsted and the CQC have announced a joint area inspection of Newham for children and young people with SEND. Please continue to visit this area for the latest updates.

Newham SEND Inspection Press Release

Joint Area SEND Inspection in Newham

Newham SEND Local Area Partnership Self-Evaluation - Nov 2021

Newham SEND Local Area Inspection Notification Letter

Newham’s WSoA approved by Ofsted and Care Quality Commission

Newham’s Written Statement of Action (WSoA) in response to the Ofsted and Care Quality Commission has been approved as fit for purpose by both organisations. Area Partnership.

A robust plan of action set out in the WSoA, to improve services for children and young people with special needs and disabilities (SEND), was submitted to Ofsted and the CQC last month. The wide-reaching plan led by the Local Area Partnership (made up of Newham Council, health partners, schools/education settings and Newham Parents Forum) has been developed with the support of young people, along with their parents and carers.

Independent facilitation from SEND4CHANGE has supported the development of the WSoA through focused workshops with partners, parents and feedback from young people. It sets out how the partnership plans to make improvements against the six priority areas identified in the final inspection report. The council and North East London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are committed to doing this in partnership and collaboration with educational settings, other agencies, young people, parents and carers. The plan will be delivered alongside the coming SEND and Inclusion Strategy, which will be launched early in the new year. The development of this strategy will be informed by the WSoA consultation process, and ongoing consultation with partners and parents and carers and the findings from the independently chaired Newham SEND Commission, which launched in May 2021.

Newham Written Statement of Action - June 2022 Document

Newham Family Challenge - Parents contribution to Newham’s Written Statement of Action (WSoA)

Following the joint area inspection by the CQC and Ofsted, Newham is required to produce a Written Statement of Action (WSoA) by the 21st June 2022. The WSoA will outline the planned actions to improve the six areas of weakness identified in the Ofsted/CQC inspection report.

Newham parents and carers have worked with independent facilitators, SEND4Change to produce the ‘Newham Family Challenge’.

The Newham Family Challenge outlines the actions that parents/families demand from local area partnerships alongside ideas and suggestions for how improvements can be made, this document can be found below.

Parents provided further feedback on the document between the until the 24th May to the 6th of June following the workshops. The final document is attached below.  

Newham Parent Challenge Final 14.06.22

As part of the co-production process of the WSoA, SEND4CHANGE also met with a range of young people in schools and colleges. The feedback of young people is also included below.

If you have any feedback on this document please contact SEND4Change by emailing or by 5pm on Monday 6th June.

Newham Family Challenge Document

Inteviews with young people Newham

Young people voices

Information and Events for Parents and Carers of Learners with Complex Learning Needs



Complex Learning Needs Team

 Parent Information Sheet




Lead team

Any other information

Wednesday 2nd February 3:30-4:40pm

 A Webinar free LIVE demonstration of how to use the supportive software technology of Clicker.

Cricksoft via the SESS Complex Learning Needs Team

Clicker helps support develop literacy skills for pupils with a wide range of needs including SLD/MLD/ASD/Dyslexia.

By attending you will be eligible for a free 30-day trial of Clicker.


A charity aimed at supporting and acknowledging the work and support of siblings whose lives have been impacted by disability and ill health who may be vulnerable to isolation and anxiety.

Sibs – for brothers and sisters of disabled children.


Telephone: 01535 645453

Facebook: SibsCharity


‘Creating a community for siblings to belong’

For 20 years, Sibs has championed siblings’ rights and needs - in schools, communities, the voluntary sector and within

Government. We have educated health and care professionals to not just acknowledge and understand the needs of a previously

Overlooked group of people, but to actively support them.

Monday Dec 6th 2021


Selective mutism 45 minute FREE Webinair  for non-specialists


Creative Education

Selective Mutism: Recognising and Supporting - Creative Education

Speech & Language Therapist, Gino Hipolito will help you understand what selective mutism is, how to spot it, how you can support as a non-specialist and how, when and where to go for additional support if needed.

Saturday January 22nd 2022


Join a multitude of speakers in a day packed full of ideas and insight for supporting people with profound & multiple learning disabilities

Sensory Projects

The PMLD Conference II Tickets, Sat 22 Jan 2022 at 10:00 | Eventbrite

People Meeting Learning differently. Tickets are £5.95

“. . . a brilliant event packed with so many amazing ideas that I wanted to give you an opportunity to attend or have a look. There are also free links to sensory room talks and strategies.”








Wednesday March 16th 2022


Music Making Workshop for all Half Hour Session Online he OHMI Trust strives for full, undifferentiated, participation in musical life for disabled people of all ages through the creation and provision of adapted musical instruments and enabling apparatus.

Ohmi Trust


Webinar - Music-making for All: Adapted Musical Instruments and Apparatus (

Wednesday 20th April 2022


What is a Cerebral Visual Impairment?

What is the difference between it and an ocular impairment? The use of sign systems, symbols and pictures will be discussed in relation to what we know about CVI, and how these may need to be adapted or presented differently for best effect.

Call Scotland


 Ideas for improving the communication environment will also be explored and the presenter will explain how making small changes will be beneficial for all children in the class, not just those with CVI.

4th May 2022


Ailie will talk about how to find and choose objects and props for sensory stories that are easily available, encourage engagement and convey meaning. She will also talk about easy ways to include simple communication aides to make our sensory stories more fun.

Joanna Courtney, specialist SALT at CALL Scotland will bring in another dimension by demonstrating how to use assistive technology to make the stories accessible to all.

Signalong signs for The National Anthem and Royalty

Signalong signs for Holidays

Simple conversations to keep your child safe – Follow the  PANTS rule!   

Movement, Posture and Emotional Wellbeing

For parents and carers of learners with profound and multiple learning difficulties

A free video in which the impact of movement and posture on wellbeing and how awareness and understanding of these effects may help us to support people with severe and profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Neuroscience, Narrative and PMLD

PAMIS, as part of their 30th anniversary, is hosting a webinar on 21st April 2022.

A free Webinar the seat of consciousness lies not in the cortex, higher levels of thinking and reflection, but in the brainstem, with basic emotions. By restoring feelings to the centre of what it means to be human, we are led to re-evaluate the way we think about identity, selfhood and learning.

NPF Newsletters

Inclusion Matters Newsletters

Exploring the accessibility features on the iPad

The session is primarily aimed at parents/carers of children with SEN. This webinar is aimed at helping adults set up their iPads to better support their child’s needs.

  • Accessibility features
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Physical and Motor
  • Guided access
  • Setting up and controlling how/when the iPad may be used

For information contact:
Bookings to be made via
by Wednesday 1st December

When is it on6th December 2021 - 10AM - 11PM

iPad Accessibility Features Webinar Poster

Education, Health and Care Plan Requests

The Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) process requires a lot of information and professional input over a 20 week period. We have made some changes that should make the experience more efficient and transparent. 

A new online request form has been launched for parents, carers and young people, if you decide to apply directly. This new online form will:

  • Make it easier to submit a complete request
  • Make it clearer what information needs to be provided
  • Allow you to attach all relevant documents/reports
  • Ensure you don’t miss out any vital information
  • Provide an immediate acknowledgement of your request
  • Provide an immediate indication of our statutory response time for a decision
  • Provide you with an electronic copy of your request

You will find the new online form here. We do, however, recommend that you speak to the SENCo, class/subject teacher or to the principle of the school/college about your concerns before contacting Newham Council. They are able to request an EHC Needs Assessment and are usually in the best position to do so, as they need to provide specific information to support the request. However, if you make a direct request we will of course ensure this information is requested on your behalf from the setting.

Whether you decide to submit a request directly or through the nursery, school or college, it is really important that the child/young person has the opportunity to contribute to the process. This should be done by completing the ‘All About Me Form’. The child/young person may complete it themselves, with support or if necessary it can be done on their behalf. You can download the ‘All About Me Form’ here.

The views, wishes, thoughts and feelings of parents, children and young people are at the heart of this process and we encourage you to share as much as possible with us.

For questions about an ongoing request or the process please contact the SEN Service on 020 3373 6472 or

Finally we would like to make you aware of the Special Education Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service – SENDIASS.  This service is designed to support parents/carers and young people up to 25 years old with issues relating to their SEND rights and provision. You can find more information about this service here, or contact them on 020 3373 0707 or

Parents Carers Survey

Dear Parent Carers,

 I hope that you are well and looking forward to half term.

 We are inviting you to complete a parents carers survey. This survey forms part of the Newham SEND Commission’s work to capture  the voice of children, young people and families in the borough  to feed into strategic planning, specifically Newham’s SEND and Inclusion Strategy 2022-27. Newham is committed to improving services for children and young people with SEND.

 The survey is a digital survey which can be completed using a computer, smartphone or tablet. If you are using a computer, please open the survey using google chrome.

 If you have more than one child who receives SEN support or has an Education, health and Care Plan (EHCP) please complete one survey response each child. Your responses will be completely anonymous.

 There will also be an opportunity to complete the survey at the GR8 Day 2 Play Day event being held at Newham Leisure Centre on Saturday 23rd October. To find out more details and to book your place please follow this link

Returning or starting school in September – some hints and tips from the Specialist Educational Support Service:

  • Do the walk to the school with your child to familiarise the route and factor in timings, remember Newham is safer streets and schools are restricting vehicle access between key times. For a full list of roads and schools affected please see
  • Label, label, label. Remember to label all your children’s clothes, bags, water bottles, shoes, PE Kits, lunch boxes etc. you can buy name tags online or get a sharpie pen and write on the label.
  • Uniform- try not to leave it to the last minute, as sizes may be low in stock. You can now get uniform that has Velcro instead of buttons making it easier for children to get on and off. These are available at Next, ASDA, Marks & Spencer’s and Matalan to name a few. Check online for shops near you.
  • Make a note of PE days, drama or music days, change of book/library days and pack a bag the night before. This saves time and reduces the stress of getting up and ready that morning.
  • Remember Newham offer free school meals to all primary children and free healthy snacks. If your child has allergies speak to the school.
  • Prepare your child to go back to school. Speak about the new teacher and remind them of their name, new class name and classroom changes. Be positive and discuss any concerns. Talk about key school routines, unfamiliar words and how they might look.
  • dining hall (where we have lunch)
  • assembly (all together in the hall)
  • playtime (free play in the playground)
  • register (teacher calls you and says good morning/afternoon)

Your Time

HeadStart and School Health are working collaboratively to deliver Your Time to support young people aged 5-18 (up to 25 for young people with SEND).

Your Time provides a young person with a safe and confidential space to connect with one of our friendly and experienced team to help them:

  • Understand their thoughts and feelings
  • Find ways that help them feel in control in the aspects of life that may be finding difficult
  • Work together on a plan that supports them to make resilient moves
  • Connect them with other young people and community activities

Your time offers: 12 weekly, 1 hour sessions

If you know a young person who may benefit from Your Time, please contact us by:

Email or

Online self-referral:

SEND - Have Your Say Day

As part of the SEND improvement board the SEND commission in collaboration with the Youth Empowerment Participation Team hosted a SEND Have Your Say Day on Friday 4th June at the new Stratford Youth Zone. This is part of a series of events to consult SEND young people on the services they have been provided. This included Education, Employment, COVID effects, care and support, leisure, independence, and how young people would like to be communicated with. Young people got to take part in a fun filled day with activities based around these topics, they also got to meet other young people, hear their views and make new connections with the youth service.

if you would like to hear about future events please contact

SEND Newsletter


Firstly I would like to introduce myself as the Interim Head of SEND in Newham.  I have met some of you already and spoken about the idea of having a new ‘Inclusion Matters’ newsletter. The aim of which is to keep you updated of work across the SEND Service, but also to invite wider contributions from parents and partners in future newsletters. I am keen to hear from you about what would be useful to you in term of improving our communications with you.

My focus areas include; leading work streams within the SEND Improvement Plan, which include EHCP process and ways of working and Preparing for Adulthood. 

I am also part of the SEND and Inclusion Sub Group, which includes representation from Head teachers and partners to work on creating the vision for Inclusion across Newham.

Other work includes working on SEND Inspection Readiness and the review of the High Needs Recovery Deficit Plan.

In terms of my role, I will be remaining in post until the appointment and start of the permanent Head of SEND which is due to conclude shortly    

I hope that you find the launch of the first SEND newsletter both informative and engaging

Jayne Mumford

When & What’s on - dates to note

24 August – bookable sessions with the Travel Assistance Service

14 September – information event Newham Parents Forum with the SEND, Travel Assistance,

Look out for summer opportunities, which will be published in the Summer Activities Programme.  It will include Short Breaks and opportunities via the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme that will also include provision for SEND CYP.

To find out more visit our Newham Local offer page > 

You said, we did

You told us that you wanted it to be easier to contact a member of the SEND Service. In response we have establishes the Contact Us Line.

 This is a dedicated telephone number for queries to the special education needs service. 

Call us on 0203 373 6472 Lines are open 10am-4pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Parents have told us that they want to talk to officers. We have arranged an information sharing session on Tuesday 14 September 10am to 12 midday. Newham Parents Forum will host a meeting with SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service) and the SEND, Travel Assistance and Disabled Children and Young People’s (DCYP) Services.

The Travel Assistance Service are running bookable sessions on 13 July and 24 August.

To book your place on 13 July, please follow this link > 

From October there will also be bookable sessions with the SEND, DCYPS services, these sessions will take place every other month.

Newham Service spotlight

Specialist Education Support Service (SESS)

The Specialist Education Support Service (SESS) was formed with the unifying of the complex needs and dyslexia service, the sensory service and the language communication and interaction service (LCIS).  Bringing together the outreach services in this way has enabled the teams to retain their specialisms whilst facilitating the delivery of a more consistent offer to schools.

The service has developed resources for parents and carers which are shared via our YouTube channel.

It is recognised that if transitions, for example from primary school to secondary school are well supported, children settle more quickly and make better progress. There are things that you can do with your child over the summer to help prepare them for the move. To find out more please follow this link 

Top tips for pupils moving on to secondary school >

Transition to School >

Mobile Awards Ceremony

The Sensory Service, which is part of the Specialist Education Support Service held a mobile awards ceremony on 6 & 7 July. They visited children and young people outside their homes and created a ‘red carpet’ event with props and the Rocky theme tune. The award ceremony was to recognise the progress that the young people had made through online learning during the pandemic.

At the Mobile Award Ceremony, each child was presented with a personalised award; Marshal demonstrated outstanding general knowledge. Codie successfully completed the ‘Thumbs Up’ Programme by Positive Eye. On receipt of the award, Codie said, “I’ve never had a trophy Sarah!”


Sarah Hovington, Marshal Sharker (year 6 pupil at Lathom), Houlia L’Aimable (Teachers of the Visually Impaired) and Codie Loades (year 7 pupil at Brampton Manor).

Newham Parent Forum

Did you know?

  • They are an independent group of parents who co-produce services with partners from health, the local authority and others to improve outcomes for children and young people with SEND
  • All are parents to children or young people with SEND
  • Their aim is to help improve the lives of children and young people with SEND and their families

To find out more about the parent forum, or to join them as a SEND parent take a look at their website >

Useful contacts and partner organisations

The Newham Local Offer website offers information about a range of services and partner organisations in Newham.  The website also contains lots of information about social care and other services.  

Local offer >

Children’s Health Service 0-19 >

Social care > 

SEND Have Your Say Day

On Friday 4 June the Youth Empowerment team hosted a SEND ‘have your say day’ at Stratford Youth Zone.   The event was part of the SEND improvement board work in Newham and provided a chance for young people with SEND to have their say about services they receive.  Education, employment, COVID-19, care

 and support, leisure, independence and how young people want to be communicated with provided the backdrop for discussion

It was a fun filled day allowing the young people  to air their views, meet other young people and make new connections with the Youth Service.   The day was supported by 4 young volunteers.

Feedback and comments from the day will be used by  the SEND Commission and findings from this event, discussion groups, boards and interviews will be published in November.

Send infographic

The infographic below was captured as part of the event.

Independent Commission to support children with SEND

On May 20 Newham Council launched its first independently chaired Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Commission. The Commission will focus on current issues facing children and young people with SEND, exploring in depth what inclusion means for our education provisions and our children and young people. The Commission aims to ensure that partners, parents, carers and young people are at the heart of sharing Newham’s SEND strategy for the next five years, from 2022 – 2027.

Events are publicised through the local offer website and through Newham Parent Forum, service leads and partnership organisations. Parents, carers, young people and other residents are encouraged to share their experiences, knowledge and best practice by attending these themed events. Or by emailing Professor Lindsay at

You can watch a SEND Commission meeting >

To find out more about the parent forum, or to join them as a SEND parent take a look at their website >

We Are Newham - Working Together for Children and Families with SEND Event 19.04.21 - FAQ's

Well-being and mental health

Q. Where can I find support for a teenager or young adult or is anxious or has experienced trauma?

HeadStart website:
Your Time: or email to request a referral form

Q. My son/daughter with SEND has been self-harming and seems to have sensory needs where can I seek help and support?

HeadStart website:
Your Time: or email to request a referral form


Q. What percentage of young people with SEND are in employment? (we may not have this figure – but do we have figures for those who employed following supported internships?)

  • The percentage of KS4 SEN pupils with SEN support going to, or remaining in education and employment: 89% (2018) and 87% (2019) – nationally 89% in 2019
  • The percentage of KS4 SEN pupils with EHC plans going to, or remaining in education and employment: 84% (2018) and 86% (2019) – nationally 90% in 2019
  • The percentage of 16-17 year olds with SEN in education and training as at 31st December: 89.47% (2018) and 87.93% (2019) – nationally 88.47 in 2019

Q. What social activities are available for my son/daughter who is a young adult and has complex needs?

Community Neighbourhood Link Workers support residents for up to 6 weeks on a one-to-one basis to identify activities and build up confidence and skills. Email to refer or follow the link on:

Newham’s Community Neighbourhoods teams help run Friendship Club for adults who have learning disabilities or autism. It is currently running remote activities, if you would like to join the WhatsApp group or find out more please email:

Newham’s Coproduction Team runs a monthly Autism Support Group for autistic adults and their Carers. This group feeds into the Coproduction Forum and Autism Steering Group. To join contact Latifat Honey Sarfo on 020 3373 1638 or

Individuals in need of regular support to access activities should request an Adult Social Care Assessment on 020 8430 2000 or


Q. I am a parent of a child with SEND what advocacy and advice is available? 

SENDIASS Newham is a free, impartial, confidential information and advice support service. The service supports children/YP with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their parent/carers with issues relating to the child’s/YP special educational needs (SEN). Service operating hours are Monday - Friday (9am-5pm). If you are a parent/carer/YP and think you may need support from SENDIASS, please self – refer to


Q. My child/ young person has undergone an Education Health and Care needs assessment, why does the care aspect of this assessment say, “not known to social care?”
What if my child has care needs but is not known to social care?

This means your child have never been involved with Social Service.  If you feel your child has care needs that require a service, you can make a referral to the MASH or have a professional working with your child to make a referral for you. The MASH will determine if an assessment from a statutory team is required. if more appropriate to the child’s need’s  MASH may also consider early help services such as families first, or sign post to universal service. 

Social Care

Q. Is a needs assessment (DCYPS) only for children and families suffering harm or violence?

No, many assessments undertaken with families do not involve harm or violence.   At times, families may need additional support for lots of reasons. If DCYPS is undertaking and assessment of a family or young person, it is most likely because the family needs additional support and not due to suffering harm or violence.


Q. How do I know if my child’s learning is on track?

  • If your child is in a school and has SEND, important you work with key workers in school/setting with agreed aim of support at home : study materials, strategies and ensuring support is a good experience for child and parent/carer.
  • Adopt same approach at home to reinforce therapy programmes from SLT; physiotherapy or occupational therapy.
  • There are materials available on local offer but use them with planning with staff in settings or services who know your child

Q. I am concerned about my child/ young child’s educational progress how can I arrange for an assessment?

Schools regularly collect assessment information about cyp in schools.  Any concerns or queries should start with the classteacher who should be able to provide current levels and state whether those level are age appropriate or below or above age related expectations. Where there are concerns about progress or rate of progress this should be discussed with the Inclusion Manager or SENDco at the cyp’s school who may then conduct additional assessments and implement assess, plan, do review (APDR) cycles.  Should concerns persist the Inclusion manager/SENDco in liaison with parents/carers may then consider referrals to external agencies such as the Specialist Education Support Services, the Educational Psychology Service or therapy services.


Q. My child has been identified as needing therapy input but they have not had any involvement for some time, who can I contact? 

If the child or young person had previously received services from SCYPS - ELFT then the parent can self-refer back to the service.

General enquiries

Tel: 020 8586 6262


We Are Newham - Working Together for Children and Families with SEND Event 19.04.21 - Posters and Videos

Play, Leisure and Short Breaks Event for Parents - 13/07/21

To view the event presentation please click this link: