Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)

Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)

In 2014 the previous statements of special educational needs were replaced by Education, Health and Care Plans.

Nationally around 2-3% of children and young people have EHCPs. The Plan identifies needs, provision required to meet identified outcomes. The great majority of children and young people with additional needs in Newham are supported through resources available to Schools without the need for an EHCP. Additional funding is also provided to schools for children and young people with significant needs without the need for an EHCP.

Families and Young People up to age 25 years old can request an Education, Health and Care assessment. If an assessment is agreed as well as the family key professionals/ agencies such as schools, health services, educational psychologists and care professionals provide their assessments of needs to inform a potential EHCP. The timescales for the completion of an assessment are up to 20 weeks and families should be involved in the process throughout.

The Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) process requires a lot of information and professional input over a 20 week period. We have made some changes that should make the experience more efficient and transparent. 

A new online request form has been launched for parents, carers and young people, if you decide to apply directly. This new online form will:

  • Make it easier to submit a complete request
  • Make it clearer what information needs to be provided
  • Allow you to attach all relevant documents/reports
  • Ensure you don’t miss out any vital information
  • Provide an immediate acknowledgement of your request
  • Provide an immediate indication of our statutory response time for a decision
  • Provide you with an electronic copy of your request

You will find the new online form here. We do, however, recommend that you speak to the SENCo, class/subject teacher or to the principle of the school/college about your concerns before contacting Newham Council. They are able to request an EHC Needs Assessment and are usually in the best position to do so, as they need to provide specific information to support the request. However, if you make a direct request we will of course ensure this information is requested on your behalf from the setting.

The views, wishes, thoughts and feelings of parents, children and young people are at the heart of this process and we encourage you to share as much as possible with us.

For questions about an ongoing request or the process please contact the SEN Service on 020 3373 6472 or

Finally we would like to make you aware of the Special Education Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service – SENDIASS.  This service is designed to support parents/carers and young people up to 25 years old with issues relating to their SEND rights and provision. You can find more information about this service here, or contact them on 020 3373 0707 or



Requesting an Education, Health and Care Assessment

If you are considering requesting an Education, Health and Care assessment we recommend speaking with your school and their SENCo. Schools can make requests and include all relevant information available to inform the decision to assess.

Parents and young people can request an assessment. In order to avoid delays we ask that the parent and/or young person complete the online EHC Needs Assessment Form and upload available supporting evidence.

Whether you decide to submit a request directly or through the nursery, school or college, it is really important that the child/young person has the opportunity to contribute to the process. This should be done by completing the ‘All About Me Form’. The child/young person may complete it themselves, with support or if necessary it can be done on their behalf. You can download the ‘All About Me Form’ here.

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Last updated: 20/10/2023

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