Newham Parent Co-Production

London Borough of Newham is committed to improving services through listening to residents such as Citizen Assemblies which have engaged and involved residents in determining priorities.

Within Special Educational Need and Disability, the engagement and involvement of parents and carers as well as children and young people with disabilities is key to developing the right support and provision within Newham. This is often referred to as co-production.

To date co-production in Newham has included:

  • Ensuring the voice of the child and young person is heard within Social Care assessments and plans as well as the “All About Me” booklet used within Education, Health and Care Plan assessments.
  • Regular co-production meetings with Newham Parents Forum
  • Involvement of parent carers on strategic working groups
  • Meetings between Managers within the Council and parent carers
  • Consultation on recent policies and procedures (see downloads for Live Consultations)
  • Newham Road to Success. This is an agreement between Newham Parent Forum and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Service outlining expectations. Please see the download for a copy of this argreement.

However we acknowledge more can be done.

We are looking to:

  • involve parent carers in recruitment processes within Special Educational Need and Disability Service
  • increase our contact with disability groups within Newham
  • involve more within service developments.

Newham Parent Co-Production Forum occurs twice a term and includes representatives from Education, Health and Social Care as well as an equivalent number of parent carers. The meeting is an opportunity to review and consult on key developments. The terms of reference can be found by clicking here.

Minutes of previous Co-Production meetings

To view the minutes of previous Newham Parent Co-Production Forum meetings, please click on the links below

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Parent Co-Production minutes 19th January 2018