National Zakat Foundation

Hardship Grants

Available to individuals who are poor needt and in debt who are residents in the UK, including those with no recourse to public funds.

There are limits on access whereby individuals who have applied for or received a grant in the last 3 months from National Zakat Foundation may not reapply. 

Size of grants vary depending on the person's situation. Zakat is charity that Muslims pay to other Muslims. This is another small fund called Sadaqah which is given to Muslims and non-Muslims. This fund is very limited.

Decisions are normally made within 4 weeks of receipt of full application.

Apply online or download an application form at or call contact number.

Monday - Friday 11:00-17:30

Who to contact

National Zakat Foundation

Where to go

NZF Zakat Centre
41, Fieldgate Street
E1 1JU
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