Sensory Service

The Sensory Service (one of the 3 specialist teams within Newham’s SESS (Specialist Education Support Service) department, supports children and young people with a medical identified need of deafness, visual impairment,  and/or multi-sensory loss from birth to the age of 16. 

Hearing Support Service(Deaf/hard of hearing):

Our service is made up of professionals with a range of skills working with deaf children and young adults. Our team includes QToDs (Qualified Teachers of the Deaf), an Early Years’ specialist working with children will a deafness who are 5 years and under and Specialists in audiology (Audiology technician and a vacant Educational Audiologist post.)

We also offer a traded Service to students who remain in education at the Post 16 level.

Vision Support Service:

Our service is made up of professionals with a range of skills working with children with a visual impairment. Our team includes QTVI’s (Qualified Teachers of the Visually Impaired), specialist VI teacher, an adaptions officer, Habilitation and Independence assistant, Independence Technology Officer and Braille Support Officers.


MSI* Support Service:

We have a qualified teacher of MSI (QTMSI) working within the Sensory Service to provide support, training and advice to children and young people, their families and educational setting.

*A child or young person is considered multi-sensory impaired (MSI) or deafblind when they have a combination of hearing and vision loss. MSI is considered a unique disability as the challenges of combined loss is greater than the sum of each individual sensory loss. MSI/deafblindness can impact communication, access to information and ability to move around in the environment. MSI may be combined with additional medical or cognitive needs.

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Who to contact


Keegan Hall-Browne – Head of Newham’s Hearing Support Service (NHSS)
Phone: 07773255226

Amanda Coles – Head of Newham’s Vision Support Service (NVSS)
Phone: 07773668291

Naomi Forster – Newham’s Multi-Sensory Support Service (NMSSS)
Phone: 02033738358

Raj Mistry – Group Manager of Newham’s Specialist Education Support Service (SESS)
Phone: 0208 475 2304/ 07960 478689

Newham Sensory Service
Tunmarsh Lane
London E13 9NB

The team operates on a peripatetic basis from the Tunmarsh Centre.

Where to go

Newham Sensory Service
Tunmarsh Lane
E13 9NB
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The team operates on a peripatetic basis from the Tunmarsh Centre.


Age Ranges
Referral required
Referral Details

We usually get all referrals via direct medical referral, however settings, other professionals or parents can also refer if they have evidence of an identified sensory need

To make a referral please complete the following Referral Form, we will also require a copy of the most recent medical report confirming the identified sensory need.  Please then email all forms to: 

adding 'HS, MSI or VI referral' in the subject line.

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