Child and Family Consultation Service/CAMHS

The Child and Family Consultation Service (also known as CAMHS) offers assessment and support to children, young people and their families with significant emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties. This could include difficulties such as anxiety, depression and self-harm. The service also has specialist clinics that provide support for eating disorders and psychosis, and offer assessments for ADHD (all ages) and ASD assessments for over 13’. The service also provides crisis care outside of normal working 9-5 hours.

CFCS also have developed a variety of new types of support for children, young people and their families in Newham. This includes groups and workshops and also now offer services on a Saturday. Please get in touch to find out more.

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York House
411 Barking Road
E13 8AL
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The children and family consultation service welcomes referrals of children and young people up untill their 18th birthday only within Newham.

Parents and carers can also make a self-referral for their child directly to the service.