RE-SET Service

RE-SET currently offer 2 services in the Borough of Newham. 

The Purpose, Planned and Focused (PPF) systemic model of intervention is used throughout all of RE-SET’s intervention.

This has three stages:


STAY is a team of four Coaches who offer 24 weeks of intensive relational intervention.

STAY intervention is available to children and young people aged 10 – 17 years, who are CiN, CP or CLA where:

  • The child/YP is on the edge of care – i.e there is an immediate/imminent risk of the child/young person being accommodated or they are estranged from the home and where the plan for a child is reunification with family.
  • Where there are emerging risks of exploitation and or challenging behaviours and the trajectory for the child/YP is LA care.
  • To children, young people and their families who are looked after by the local authority and are returning home under a reunification plan.

Examples of STAY support

  • Relationship conflict/breakdown including reducing verbal conflict, parental rejection, reduction of communication breakdown and reduce the risk of child being accommodated outside of the family.
  • Reducing family violence including intimate partner violence/abuse, domestic violence, physical abuse of children or aggressive behaviour by children.
  • Parenting Support including managing conflict and challenging behaviour, understanding and reducing ‘push factors’ NVR techniques, Increase parental authority/capacity, increase confidence and resilience in the family system. Links with community such as local/national services and YEF.
  • Reducing the risk of extra-familial harm including addressing emerging concerns about extra-familial harm, increasing understanding and reducing familial ‘push factors’ to mitigate risk of: criminal exploitation, offending behaviour, CSE, missing episodes, online safety concerns and gang affiliation.



Rapid Response Family Coach

The Rapid Response Family Coach works on a co-allocation basis alongside social workers in the wider service and external organisations. 

The Family Coach deliver intensive, time-limited support for children and families who find themselves on the 'Edge of Care' where there is an emerging risk of exploitation, where there is risk of extra familial harm or where there is a plan for reunification. 

The Family Coach take a whole family/whole system approach to working with children and families experiencing stress in their relationships, with the goal of preventing entry to care and supporting safe rehabilitation home, and keeping children safely connected to their family and community. 


Referral required
Referral Details


All referrals to Stay are via the RESET PPF panel. Discussions and consideration to refer are via:

  • London Borough Of Newham Information and Intelligence Partnership Briefing (LBNIIPB).
  • Multi-Agency Child exploitation (MACE).
  • Consultation.
  • SW completes referral.


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