NewDAy Programme

Through referral by allocated social worker or families first practitioner we work with families that have been affected by domestic abuse. A number of different services are available both short and long term, that work with parents seperately and together. Services will help parents to discuss the problems around any on-going abuse, attempting to reduce the chances of it happening again. There are also times where NewDAy will work with parents and children together to help them remain safe from domestic abuse.

Who to contact

020 3373 3200 020 3373 3200
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Age Ranges
18 +
Referral required
Referral Details

NewDAy can support families that have: experienced domestic abuse; a Social Worker or Families First Worker; or they are referred by school for help with education and learning

A referral form will then be sent in by the allocated worker for further discussion. If NewDAy agree to working with the family they will be contacted by NewDAy pathfinders.


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