Family Group Conference

A Family Group Conference (FGC) is a decision making process where the family finds its own solutions to issues within the family with the support of professionals.

The FGC process aims to use the strengths of the entire family as the primary planning group to ensure the ownership of the problem and its management to ensure a safe plan is put in place for managing the child’s welfare.

Benefits of an FGC

For Famlies:

  • Helps to keep children with their families
  • Puts family at the centre and uses family and friends network
  • Draws on families strengths and resources and can help unite and strengthen their relationships
  • Empowering - Family devises a plan and takes ownership
  • Where consent is obtained to do so, the child/ young persons voice is captured and included in the Family Plan.

For Professionals:

  • Creates Safety
  • Doesn’t rely on professionals
  • Has the potential to build strong partnerships between social workers/professionals and families
  • Helps professionals to get a sense of the family dynamics and possibly reframe how a family is perceived

Who to contact



Referral required
Referral Details

Which families can be referred for an FGC and how can they be used?

The children/ family must have an allocated social worker or youth justice worker.

FGCs can be used to:

  • Identify family support
  • Progress child protection and child in need plans
  • Stabilise or initiate contact arrangements
  • Aid in the transition/reunification of a child returning home
  • Identify support where there are exploitation or offending concerns

We ask any professionals to explore the family network early in your intervention in order to ‘tap into’ the key individuals in the child’s life to create safety.



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