2, 3 and 4 Early years Professionals' newsletter December edition

December 2022
Please share this newsletter with staff and colleagues in your setting, including office and support staff who are involved in registrations and admissions.


Hi everyone,
Welcome to the December newsletter.
Well done for keeping open during the inclement weather. It is great that you have still offered a much needed service to children and families, especially our most vulnerable.
I know some of you have also been affected by the Strep A virus, so will welcome the link to Public Health for advice and support.

Other highlights this month include:

  • Funding reminders and upcoming deadlines
  • Spring term reminder for two year old data
  • Mental health research opportunity for families
  • HAF programme for Christmas period
  • Public Health updates including Strep A info - If you have any Public Health related questions, please email PublicHealthEnquiries@Newham.gov.uk
  • Nutrition update including food safety and advent calendar!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for another great year- for demonstrating resilience, passion and commitment to the early education and care of our Newham children.
Wishing those of you who celebrate, a very Happy Christmas.
We hope that you are all able to take some time out to spend with family and friends.
We wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Kindest regards from,
Tracey, Tai and everyone in the Early Education & Childcare Team, BSiL!

Early Education and Childcare
Best Start in Life

On behalf of everyone in the Early Education and Childcare Team, we would like to wish one and all a Happy Christmas and all the best for a healthy, happy new year!!
Surveys! Surveys! Surveys!
A BIG thank you to everyone who completed our provider surveys and to everyone who shared the parent surveys. We had an amazing response and appreciate your time in sharing and encouraging people to complete.  We will analyse responses as part of our Childcare Sufficiency Assessment and will share findings with you in due course.

The lucky winner of the parent survey prize draw, chosen at random was:
MELISSA HORWOOD from EAST HAM!!  And for the SEND Parent Survey, DARJA BARDO from STRATFORD!!  Congratulations to Melissa and Darja who each win a £100 shopping voucher! Happy spending!! 
Funding reminders
  • Autumn 2022 end of term data uploaded on PORTAL in the Data Submission tab for funding released for end of term
  • Please enter an end date to children who will leave end of autumn term 2022
  • Child data will be rolled forward into the Spring term 2023 in early January  
  • Spring 2023 Headcount data deadline is 20th January 2023
  • Please enter the 2yr old EY References in the comment section of portal - without the EY references funding will not be released
  • Pay particular attention to all deadlines as these are important; data or information sent after deadline will not be considered
Any queries, please email: EDU-NurseryGrant3-4@newham.gov.uk 
>>CLICK HERE to view funding calendar 2022-2023
Staff recruitment and retention workshop - 3 March 2023
Rethinking recruitment and retention in early years
A workshop for PVIs, nursery schools and schools

Everybody is talking about recruitment and retention of staff in the early years.

Hempsall's are experts in early years and work closely with central government and local authorities to support everyone to achieve best practice in services for children and families.
Newham have commissioned Hempsall's to run a workshop on this topic for Newham providers on 3rd March.  The workshop is suitable for PVIs, nursery schools and schools with early years settings.

An invite will be emailed to providers in the new year so please look out for this. You will need to respond to the email if you want to attend the workshop. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis (one place per setting).  A link to join the workshop will be emailed to successful providers.

You can read more about the workshop below:

There is no doubt that early years is experiencing workforce supply pressures.  We are not alone, the supply of the workforce is a concern for most businesses.
This workshop asks us all to rethink what we do.  It helps us to reframe what we can change and influence and what we cannot.  Enabling us to focus on our spheres of influence and realistic actions.  It can be all too easy to do the same things all of the time.  We challenge the status quo and think about the difference between needs and wants, to identify if that reveals internalised or organisational blocks.  Before we examine attitudes to change and our own ways of working.  This can sometimes be transformational in our thinking.

This workshop follows a 10-point plan.
Points 1-5 start by looking at some of the foundations of leadership and management and how they directly affect recruitment and retention of staff.  It looks at the research and what people are saying about the issues, but crucially unpicks it to find the hidden stories and the things that will really help with developing solutions – the things we can do. 
Points 6-10 look at self-reflection on leadership and management styles (using an audit wheel format) and how these can be beneficial and detrimental to recruitment and retention.  Before we position the current issues and challenges in the context of 2022 and beyond.  Then come the big final three: keeping hold of what we have (retention); remodelling (looking at how the setting could or should change to make things easier); and rethinking recruitment (with advertising as an example).
Date: Friday 3 March 2023
Time: 10:00am-1:00pm
Online: (Link to follow once you sign up)
Opportunity for involvement in mental health research
Please find some information on a research project below that might be of interest to families in your community.  Please kindly share as appropriate.
The National Institute for Health and Care Research has funded Family Mental Wealth to create, and test for usability, new digital tools to help children build mentally healthy lives, reducing the risk of mental ill-health. See www.FamilyMentalWealth.com/Research.
The University of Sussex is conducting this usability testing (Ethics Approval reference: ER/RD416/3) and are seeking to recruit 50 families, broadly representative of the UK population, to use the tools for at least a week and then feedback their comments. To thank them for taking part, parents/carers of participating families receive a voucher (worth £144) providing free access to the whole Headway: Parent Toolkit (www.Headway.Family) for a year, plus a £20 Amazon eGift Voucher for the child/children (one per family).
Interested families can sign-up at www.FamilyMentalWealth.com/Research.
Mayor of London Cost of Living Bus Tour
The Mayor of London in partnership with Debt Free Advice, has launched a mobile advice bus to tour across London from November to mid-February. The bus provides free drop-in debt and benefits advice, including signposting to other cost of living support – including childcare entitlements. Find out more, including confirmed upcoming bus locations on the GLA’s Cost of Living Hub. 

The bus will be in Newham on:

16 January, 10am - 4pm: East Ham Library, 328 Barking Road E6 2RT

Seasons Greetings from the SEND Hub

We wish you all a wonderful and safe Christmas and all good wishes for 2023!
The Send Hub Team

2 year old entitlement
Spring term reminder
In early January, please remember to log in to the provider portal to enter attendance data for all your funded children.  For your two year olds, you will need to also need to re-enter the eligibility references in the comments section of the portal.  This is very important! If you leave blank, you will not get paid.

If you have any questions or require support, please email: twoyearold.childcare@newham.gov.uk
REMINDER: Ways to claim eligibility
  1. Online Eligibility Check (independent or invited via We Are Two! letter)
Via webpage.  Successful applications generate a certificate emailed to the applicant.  Please log the certificate reference number in the comments section of the portal - format e.g. EY123456789

2. Manual Approval Letter
Issued directly by Newham.  For all applicants who have to provide evidence of eligibility, verified by the BSiL team. Please log the reference on the letter in the comments section of the portal - format e.g. Manual Approval 08/21. The reference can be found on the top right of the letter under the date.

Full eligibility criteria can be found at:
>>CLICK HERE to view updated Provider Guidance
30 hours entitlement
Time to check those codes!
As we approach the holiday period, it is a good time for everyone to be checking the codes of your 30 hours children. You need to be looking out for imminent end dates and especially grace dates which are showing as 31 December 2022. These children will lose their 30 hours funding from January if parents do not reconfirm before 31 December.
(The LA will be running the usual audit straight in the new year but it is also a good idea to make some checks yourself).
If you have many children to check, we suggest running a batch check which will check all your 30 hours children in one go and will save you a lot of time.  Now is a good time to do this. It does not take long and will tell you the most up to date status of all the 30 hours codes. After completing your batch check or individual code checking exercise, you should be looking out for end dates which are approaching, and grace dates which may be showing as the end of the current term.  Please contact these parents to remind them to take action asap to avoid losing their 30 hours place and for providers to ensure they continue to be funded into next term.
How to run a batch check
Located under the termly census tab on the portal, the batch check can be found as you scroll to the bottom of the page to ECS Batches.  Click on the blue ‘batch check’ button to the right of the screen to run the check. Only click once. (refer to attached PDF)
The check may take a number of hours to complete so you can start it and come back to it later. (A successful batch check will indicate ‘completed’ when done. If it remains on ‘pending’ for more than 48 hours please email 30hourschildcare@newham.gov.uk and we can release it for you).
When complete, the batch check will have updated all your 30 hours records in one go.  No need to do individual re-checks on individual children.
Click on edit icon to the left, to view results: will show most up to date eligibility status (‘0’ not eligible, ‘1’ eligible) and latest start dates/end dates/grace dates.
Click ‘Actions’ button, then select CSV to download results into excel spreadsheet if you wish.

REMINDER: What the dates mean:
START DATE - this is when the code was issued to the parent. Please remember: Funding always starts from the term after the code start date.  Please check dates before confirming places with parents! The rule for parents is 'apply now, to start next term'. 
N.B - Children also need to be age eligible. Please check DOBs.  The earliest a child can take up a place is from the term after they turn 3, (as long as parents have been issued a code the term before).

END DATE - this is when the code and eligibility will expire.  Parent needs to reconfirm before the end date. They will receive email/text reminders directly from GOV.UK once their 4 week reconfirmation window is open.  Parent must log into their childcare service account to reconfirm.

GRACE DATE - usually shows up as either 31 Dec, 31 Mar or 31 Aug.  If a parent falls out of eligibility or fails to reconfirm in time, the child can continue to access the 30 hours until the grace end date.  Providers will get funded until this date.
If you need support, guidance or advice, please call or email. Happy to help anytime!
If you need any 30 hours advice, please email 30hourschildcare@newham.gov.uk
> CLICK HERE to view Provider Guidance - 30 hours
Universal 15 hours for 3 and 4 year olds 
Children are eligible for the universal 15 hours from the term after their third birthday. There is no application process.  Parents/carers simply need to register for a place with an approved provider. 
Please continue to encourage any parents you may come into contact with who have children of this age, to register for a place if they haven't already done so. 

If parents require further information, they may visit www.newham.gov.uk/threeandfouryearolds
Help with Childcare Costs
Please signpost families to www.childcarechoices.gov.uk where they can find information about all the government help available towards childcare costs.
Tax Free Childcare
Working parents who pay for childcare may be eligible for Tax Free Childcare saving them money on their childcare costs.

Providers need to sign up to Tax Free Childcare to receive payments from parents. Help parents use their tax free childcare by signing up! If you offer fee paying services, we encourage you to sign up; this includes schools, nursery schools, PVIs, and childminders. 
Providers can register for Tax Free Childcare at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/sign-up-to-tax-free-childcare-if-youre-a-childcare-provider
>>CLICK HERE for Tax-Free Childcare Myth Busting and FAQS for parents
Out of School Provision
For families looking for out of school provision for their children before or after school, or during the school holidays, please signpost them to the website which has further information.

If families require assistance with finding suitable out of school provision, they should email
FIS@newham.gov.uk for assistance.
Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) -        Christmas period
Winter and the festive season is finally here with us and we have produced an extensive winter activities programme brochure, for Newham’s Children and young people. The brochure contains information about all the free activities on offer, the dates and the venues.
Please click here to see all the latest information.
The Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) section in this brochure, has information of places that have been funded to provide free wholesome meals and exciting activities to those who receive benefits related free school meals. Please make sure you have a look at this section and book slots as early as possible.

Parents can be signposted to information about early education entitlements at:
** Provider Portal Training **

PLEASE BOOK TO FAMILIARISE YOURSELF WITH THE SYSTEM OR IF YOU NEED A REFRESHER.   Please book via the portal or email: EarlyChildhoodServices.ChildcareTraining@newham.gov.uk

**Drop in sessions** also running every month for queries and Q&A.
Book via portal or email for info: EarlyChildhoodServices.ChildcareTraining@newham.gov.uk

>> CLICK HERE to troubleshoot common portal issues
Public Health updates
Strep A and Scarlet Fever
Scarlet fever is a contagious infection that mostly affects young children. It is easily treated with antibiotics. There is lots of information about Strep A on the NHS website here. Public Health has also developed a one page infographic here, for you to share with your colleagues and families that you work with.
**Useful Contact**

If you have any Public Health related questions, including any health or infection control enquiries, or if you would like to request further information on any health related topic, please email PublicHealthEnquiries@Newham.gov.uk
Safer sleep in winter
The Lullaby Trust have out together some helpful information for parents on how to keep their baby safe when the weather gets cold. There’s information on temperature, bedding for cots and Moses baskets, bed sharing and things to avoid. We know that the colder months can be difficult for families, especially as they worry about the cost of heating their homes. The information on the Lullaby Trust website offer practical advice on how to make sure baby doesn’t get too cold, or overheated.
Tips to stay well during winter
Public Health has developed a one page infographic summarising all things we can do to stay well this winter. Click here to read more.
Newham Warm Havens – Free spaces for residents in Newham to use to avoid the cold weather
To support residents during the severe cold weather, our Newham Warm Havens Programme is running. We are working closely with partners of the Council to keep spaces and places open for longer for people in Newham. This includes libraries, community buildings and other safe places. Residents can visit our Warm Havens, free of charge, for whatever reason they like. There are currently 10 libraries and 6 community centres who are dedicated Warm Havens and will be open for longer up until 8pm.
For more information on your nearest Warm Haven, please click here.
Free help with living costs
Public Health has developed an infographic summarising all of the different types of support available to help with living costs. It includes information about free help with money, housing, food, energy bills, work and stress and emotional pressure. Click here.
Early Start Nutrition would like to wish you a healthy Christmas and New Year. Here are some of our favourite food activities for the festive period along with some of our Food Safety tips.
Food Safety at Christmas
Christmas is a great time to come together and many families will be looking forward to tucking into a Christmas dinner! But for the unfortunate few, common mistakes in the cooking, handling and storage of food, can cause them to become unwell and put a real dampener on the celebrations. To help families keep their food safe this Christmas, we've created a handy tip sheet which explores information on food preparation and storage, along with tips on how to minimise food waste over the festive period! 
>>Download our Food Safety Tip Sheet here!
Nutrition Advent
The 1st December means one thing, it's officially advent calendar time and we're excited to bring back our free recipe advent calendar for 2022!

For the whole of December you can unwrap our favourite festive treats, as each morning you'll find new recipes hiding behind the doors.

All of the recipes are easy to make, great fun and perfect for small ones to get involved with.
Find the advent calendar here.
Contact Early Start Nutrition to discuss your Nutrition training requirements: esnutrition@earlystartgroup.com
Call Edwina on 07964604537
Call Georgia on 07870377066
Website: https://www.earlystartgroup.com/online-courses/
Email: esnutrition@earlystartgroup.com
Contacting Early Education and Childcare,
Best Start in Life

In order to get the most speediest response to your enquiries, please kindly use mailbox email addresses where possible rather than email addresses of individual members of the team.  Mailboxes are regularly monitored and we can ensure that nothing is overlooked, especially when team members are absent or unable to access messages.  We aim to respond to all messages before the end of the next working day.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Two Year Olds:  twoyearold.childcare@newham.gov.uk

30 hours:  30hourschildcare@newham.gov.uk 
Funding/payments/EY Agreements:  EDU-NurseryGrant3-4@newham.gov.uk 
Provider Portal:  provider.portal@newham.gov.uk 
Training/CPD:  EarlyChildhoodServices.ChildcareTraining@newham.gov.uk 

SEND Early Notifications:  early.notifications@newham.gov.uk

Early Education and Childcare
Best Start in Life
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