Magic Care Moments 8 to 16 Years SEND Club

We are a community based organisation in Newham called Magic Care Moments club. We have recently established a special needs after school club for children in the borough. We offer a wide variety of specialised activities including Art therapy, Music therapy, Tie-Dyeing, Dance Class and Much more. 

We got inspired to start the after school club to help support disadvantaged special needs children within the local community. We want to provide a safe space where our children can be themselves, enjoy fun activities, make friends, enjoy educational activities and build life skills every week.

Some of our children don't have anywhere to go after school and find it very difficult to make friends. We run weekly activity sessions in our local school in Stratford. The after school club started on the 4th October and we have over 8 local children attend.

Our Aims Are:

  • Provide a safe, Fun environment where all local children aged 8-17 are Welcome 
  • Encourage children to make friends and build friendship with other children
  • Encourage children to become creative by exploring different art medias 
  • Encourage children to take part in physical activity and develop healthy habits and lifestyles
  • Provide a fun focus for parents and children to play together and forge relationships with other local families 
  • Provide support for families whose children struggle with school
  • Encourage children to improve their self esteem, self confidence and self awareness 
  • Encourage children to improve their cognitive and sensorimotor functions 

Our Weekly sessions have become very important to those involved and we want to provide a continuous experience for those children and families in the programme and get more people involved.


Last updated: 17/11/2022

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