What's On

Looking for something to do? Want to know what's on in and around your local area?

We have all the answers you need. This section is packed with details on regular activities and one-off events. It will keep you and every member of your family entertained all week long!

Autism-Friendly Screenings at Picture House 2019

Summer Club in Manor Park

Summer Club in Stratford

Struggling to cope with grief - August and September 2019

Celebrating the role of carers across the capital - Sat, 21 September 2019

LPO Open Sound Music Ensemble for young people with special educational needs and disabillities - Thursday 24 & Friday 25 October 2019

Come and Problem Solve - Parent Sessions with Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Therapists

Woman's Talk - Free Babies & Toddlers Group

Academy Achievers - Saturday School